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today in a challenge to texas' voter i.d. law. the law would require texans to show government-issued photo identification in order to vote. the u.s. justice department says this would keep thousands from voting and violates the voting rights act. more now from anna werner. er.reporter: college students demarieno hill and dominique ndnday are registering voters in houston's third ward, a place where many minorities aren't eigned up to vote. it thank you. gn okay, then. >> reporter: they don't like the new law. >> we already have an uphill struggle to encourage people to register so now when we tell them they have to jump through these hoops it's more of a struggle. >> reporter: the law requires texas' 13 million voters to tresent a photo i.d. at the polls and not just any photo , on, only a driver's license, passport, military i.d., gun permit, or a state-issued identification card will be accepted. attorney general greg abbot says it's to combat election fraud. >> in this last election in may there were more than 200 votes cast for corpses and when you have dead people casting
of abusing animals and also talk about a controversial voter i d law that is being challenged in texas. all of that straight ahead. 20 minutes or so from now. don't go anywhere yet, guys. >>> a cruel aassault at a group home in connecticut. one person is arrested. we'll have details on that. [ male announcer ] this is rudy. his morning starts with arthritis pain. and two pills. afternoon's overhaul starts with more pain. more pills. triple checking hydraulics. the evening brings more pain. so, back to more pills. almost done, when... hang on. stan's doctor recommended aleve. it can keep pain away all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is rudy. who switched to aleve. and two pills for a day free of pain. ♪ and get the all day pain relief of aleve in liquid gels. ♪ by what's getting done. measure commitment the twenty billion dollars bp committed has helped fund economic and environmental recovery. long-term, bp's made a five hundred million dollar commitment to support scientists studying the environment. and the gulf is open for business - the beaches are beautiful, the seafood is
. heavy rains caused flash flooding and houston sex sex --- texas is under water after receiving rain. the massive down pours are causing problems. but raising hope that it is rain will end the drought condition in southeast texas. texas is one of 26 states that have natural disasters due to drought and blazing heat that is taking a tollon crops. we'll have more on this story. what can you tell us? >> good afternoon to you uma. no relief is in site for the weekend for the already parched midwest. temperatures are expected to climb in the nines and triple-digits . christmas tree sapplings are shriveling up. and it is causing the price of these commodities to strike. indiana is the epi center and spreading to illinois and iowa and the country's largest corn grower. it is not enough to make a difference. there is just no available moisture in the soul. we should be able to make a ball out of it. but it is just like sand. >> many people are comparing it to the dust bowl that not only destroyed crops but live stock as well foo much water playinging the country. flash flood watches in the s
in this week's "flag facts." >> i'll tell you about some texas teens who share an extraordinary gift. >> coming up, i'll show you how to go from the fleece of a sheep to the wool of a scarf. >> that and lots more, right now on "teen kids news." >> welcome to "teen kids news." i'm mwanzaa. >> and i'm siena. here's our top story for this week. >> it's no secret that american teens need to get healthier. but that can be a challenge, especially because a lot of us like eating in places where food is fast and cheap. nicole tells us why some fast food can be a fast route to health problems later in life. >> i like cheeseburgers and fries. >> i'd have to say french fries. >> if i could find a really good hamburger... >> my favorite fast food would be onion rings because they're just really delicious. >> it tastes great, and it's pretty affordable. so what's the problem? >> well, there is a problem, but only if we're eating too often in fast-food restaurants, or we're making choices that aren't as healthy for us in a fast-food restaurant. yes, notoriously, fast food can be high in fat, calories, sodium
in the peace making process following their bitter primary battle. >>> now to houston, texas. people are dealing with the worst flooding in more than two years. rescue crews scrambled to save dozens of people from the flash floods, including some kids from a baseball day camp. the national weather service has extended some of its flood warnings until tomorrow morning. >>> and it's an incredible story of survival. an autistic man surviving three weeks in the utah desert with just the clothes on his back. coming up, hear from the pilot who helped rescue him. [ male announcer ] this... is the at&t network. a living, breathing intelligence teaching data how to do more for business. [ beeping ] in here, data knows what to do. because the network finds it and tailors it across all the right points, automating all the right actions, to bring all the right results. [ whirring and beeping ] it's the at&t network -- doing more with data to help business do more for customers. ♪ too. >>> independent investigator louis freeh releases a scathing report. might this open up a whole new can of wor
similars. >> departamento de justicia bloqueo en marzo la ley tejana y texas la querÍa imito plenamemr a implementar. >> el stestado de texas tenÍa q probar que la ley que paso paaro tenÍa un efecto y no deben discriminar en contra de gente latina, la porciÓn de color y se me hace a mÍ que no probaron eso. >> parlt diartidarios de la ley diciemb dicen que estÁs leyes son necesario para que no hayan fraudes polÍticos. >> que si uno tiene que votar que presente identificaciÓn y pensamos que es a adecuado y prevenir que exista fraude. >> el impacto podria sentirse en todos los estados que estÁn considerando exigir identificaciÓn a sus votantes. >> mÁs adelante le dtendremos detalles del saldo de de la farcs. >> al regresar de la pausa fin de semana en la regiÓn, lluvias cercas, vamos a hablar del pronÓsticos y el detalle al volver. >> (♪) >> en colombia, los ataques de la guerrilla de las farc en (♪) >> en colombia los ataques de la guerrilla g las farcs ocurriendo cuando la prensa su abrcubrÍa u accidente que pasÓ de un avion. >> seg dijo que el ataque de la guerrilla e
, then texas officials are making pregnant women powerless. that brings us to our number of the day. 39.38. that's the section in the proposed new rules for the texas department of health and human services. it says that doctors cannot even tell their patients about abortions. caregivers can lose state funds if they mention that abortion is an option, or if they say where one can be performed. a woman cannot talk about to her own physician about a perfectly legal medical procedure. this policy mandates less knowledge and less medical help, and interferes with the relationship between a doctor and patient in a grotesque way. simply put it endangerers the well-being of the mother. texas often likes to keep government out of the way of business. well, what goes on in a doctor's office is personal business, and government needs to get out. >>it's the place where democracy is supposed to be the great equalizer, where your vote is worth just as much as donald trump's. we must save the country. it starts with you. v it's go time! >>every weeknight cenk uygur calls out the mainstream media.
para entrar a estados unidos. >> eso es lo que alega su esposa que es residente de texas, aparentemente el departamento de estado toma en cuenta estas marcas en el cuerpo porque podrÍan estar vinculadas a las pandillas o grupos criminales. >> en ese caso especÍfico el sujeto asegura que no es asÍ. >> el sueÑo americano de un inmigrante mexicano terminÓ en pesadilla cuando fue puÑalada a una cuadra del lugar donde trabajaba esto fue en nueva york y la policÍa estÁ pues, continÚa buscando aÚn de los sospechosos y nayeli chÁvez g hablÓ con uno de los familiares de la vÍctima y esto es lo que dice. >> hermanos y amigos de josÉ reyes silva se congregaron alrededor del altar improvisado en honor al repartidor de comida de una pizzerÍa quiÉn perdiÓ la vida luego que fue despadadamente golpeado y apuÑalado por tres hombres. >> tengo con tres dÍas con Él viviendo y acaba de llegar de mÉxico. >> cuenta su hermano que el joven de 20 aÑos caminaba en horas de la madrugada rumbo a su casa acompaÑado de dos primos cuando fueron atacados. >> los otros dos chavos se echaron tambi
in the affordable health care act. two of those states, texas and florida, by themselves account for 3 million people who are eligible under the medicaid expansion who simply won't get it thanks to their governors. the law could extend coverage to anyone with an income up to 133% of the poverty line, let's be clear who falls in the category. an individual with an annual income just below $15,000 or a family of four living on as little as $30,000 a year. before the affordable care act expanded the social safety net to catch these people, they simply were not quite poor enough to qualify for health care and still are not in the seven states whose governors seem contempt to let them continue to slip through the cracks. as we discuss making an appeal to the middle class, i still have to wonder why for those still struggling to get in that class their own governors who deny them just a little bit of help, still we me at the table, shelby knox, lawrence otis graham, it feels like the poverty line is a better definition of the poor, a definition of a family of four existing on $30,000 as wealthy enou
a suspect. and then two weeks later, out of the blue, detectives got a call from austin, texas. >> and my lieutenant walked into the office and said, okay. and i said what? she said, austin pd just called our fugitives unit. we might have him in austin, texas. i said, what? >> reporter: travis had borrowed a car from an old girlfriend in colorado. when he did not return it, she filed a report. which might not have led to anything at all, but a town in austin with a little time on his hands checked out the license plate, first the report for the missing car and then travis forbes. >> so my lieutenant said, grab your search warrant for his dna and head to texas. so i hop a plane that night. >> reporter: a few hours later, gerlai was face to face with travis forbes again. >> you know what, they sent me to texas because they think you're running to mexico. >> i'm not going to mexico. >> he would call me nash, i would call him trap. it was similar to you and i just talking. i wasn't confrontational with him. if he asked me a question, i gave him an honest answer. >> you didn't come all this wa
back into the east right now. i'm also tracking rain across texas. i'll have more on that coming up in the next half hour. >> i noticed it was 93 in orlando today. >> yes. >> you'll be happy to be in new york. >> a little cooler here. >> thanks, brian. appreciate it. >>> at a time when so many people are looking for work, we've found an employer so desperate to fill jobs, he's offering an amazing perk. >> this is such an incredible story. it's not just a paid vacation. the company gives you cash money you can use to go anywhere you want. but as clayton sandell explains, there is a catch. >> reporter: at a time when more companies seem to be dumping workers, bart can't find enough. >> we're a competitor for the top talent. >> reporter: to recruit and keep happy programmers turning out lines of code. the flip-flop-wearing founder and ceo of this denver internet start-up is now offering what he calls paid paid vacation. >> $7,500, before taxes. >> reporter: you heard right. every employee gets 7,500 bucks every year for a dream vacation to anywhere. but the guy who may be the best boss
terreno. >>> el sureste de texas se ha visto afectado por un sistema dn tormentas que ha causado problemas para los residentes del área, vehículos y personas varads en carreteras y las situaciones no se preveen mejorar en las próximas horas. >>> en mexicali hay un orfanato que en su mayor parte, se noturo tenemos historias muy tristes que hasta dan pena. >>> basta ver alrededor para descubrir las huellas del abuso. >>> son casos que yo en mi vida hubiera pensado que existían. >>> es que detrás de cadaunivise estos niños hay una tragedia. >>> criaturas golpeadas, quemadas, violadas. >>> en algunos casos tienen a su mamá, pero por algunos casos, mejor no la hubieran tenido. >>> rosa castroision oturnaabla víctimas de madres que están en las prostitución. >>> hay niños que ni siquiera se pueden voltear a ver, se quedan en una esquina. >>> los han hallado en una calle. >>> de ellas no se sabe mucho, solo que vivían en mexicali con una tía que las abandonó. ,>>> tienen derecho en estados unidos, pero dónde las ponemos, dónde las podemos entregar. >>> mientras que ellas no se sep
>> brown: miles o'brien has the story of an austin, texas, neighborhood that uses "smart grid" technology to track and control its energy consumption. >> the fishers have two solar volume dayic power system, sophisticated digital metres and state of the art thermostats that allow them to fine-tune their indoor climate here orion line when they're away. >> we >> woodruff: we update the presidential campaign as the candidates trade shots over outsourcing jobs. >> brown: mark shields and michael gerson analyze the week's news. >> woodruff: and we close with a report from south sudan about a flood of refugees fleeing the violence, only to encounter grim conditions in camps on the border. >> they don't have much reserve, they have been walking for six weeks, four weeks, six weeks so it is a very vulnerable group and it is the little kids and elderly are the ones that suffer the most. >> woodruff: that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: bnsf carnegie corporation and with the >> ongoing support of these institutions and foun
are reported. >>> in texas, days of relentless rain turned streets into rivers. swamping more than 100 homes. two feet of rain triggered a once in a century flood. flood warnings remain in effect through tomorrow morning. and now, made in america. our report of those team usa uniforms made in china sparked outrage and now a major change in policy. the united states olympic committee said all future uniforms will be made in the usa. but why not change the u forms for this year's game. what about the flags? are they made in america? >> reporter: you saw team usa's opening ceremony uniforms. wow! and watched as we learned those classic american ralph lauren looks weren't exactly all american. >> china, china, china. >> reporter: our report set of widespread outrage. >> i think they should take all of the uniforms put them in a big pile and burn them. >> reporter: and now, and about face. the u.s. olympic committee changing their policy so that al future team usa uniforms are made in the usa. and designer ralph lauren has committed to producing those in the u.s. for the 2014 olympic games. some
of mexico and firing up showers and storms . up next texas and we have dealt with them in new york city. it is the heav stuff and we have had yellow and read and pushing in thitate of virginia and parts was kentucky. and some of these storms have had flooding and images and houston is expecting to see more heavy rain. and most of the activity has passed. and as we head west ward. we had activity in four corners and south other than california. and expecting a additional one-two inches of rain as they train over the same whether and they have dry round and absorbing moisture and you can have flooding and run off. keep that in mind you can condition to see the showers and in the region did s in idaho and eastern portions of the state with large tail and damaging wind gusts possible we talk about how hot it has been. and we have seen temperatures in the triple damagits and 90 in the stave miles per hour and tomorrow will be another scorcher and chicago in the low 90s and all of this heat will be superdoming east ward and philadelphia in the middle to upper 90s by tuesday. it is driving a d
right now " far warm. >>catherine: parts of texas are faced with flooding. indiana is drying up. we have the dramatic pictures. what >> evidence has been released in the treyvon martin case, we will have that story coming up. >>catherine: we will show you where parents and their children were lining up since last night to get schools plus. " ♪ [ male announcer ] the inspiring taste of mcdonald's new spicy chicken mcbites. ♪ poppable pieces of tender chicken breast seasoned with just the right amount of spice, but just for a limited time. new spicy chicken mcbites. the simple joy of spicy perfection. ♪ >>catherine: in man is ill and harvard university claiming they he was abused by a former islam coach. he says from 69-72 he was sexually assaulted wondered times of the harvard campus. he and his lawyer said he was misleading on the statute of limitations. the accused coach has since died. southeast texas has been weathering a massive storm system for the past several days. people in houston are getting drenched. the rain is creating a lot of problems where it one man had to get on t
in class fuel economy. it's our most innovative altima ever. ♪ pf. >> a three-judge panel is deciding texas's voter i.d. law. texas has sued the justice department for blocking its new law that, like similar measures in indiana and georgia, would require government-issued photo i.d.s at the polls. opponents of the law say they disproportionately affect black and hispanic voters and violate the landmark 1965 voting rights act. >>> omar van honey has been covering the voter i.d. laws, thanks for join being us. >> thanks for having me. >> take a look at your latest article, it looks at the impacts of the voter i.d. laws on the presidential election. how big of an issue is this for president obama's campaign? >> they're taking it very seriously. on the campaign already subtly and overtly they're going and telling people in these really main-based groups that you talked about, african-americans, hispanics but also young voters disproportionately affected by this, they need to turn out, african-americans at even a better rate than they had in 2008, and there's concerns that these voter i.d. laws
denies these charges saying several tests show that no drugs or alcohol were in her system. >>> texas is getting slammed by torrential rain. and there are widespread reports of flooding especially around neighborhoods in houston. according to our affiliate, ktrk, dozens of homes have flooded. rescue crews in houston scrambled to save a total of 37 people from the flash floods including children from a baseball day camp. >>> now to an incredible story of survival. a helicopter pilot spotted william la fever, the man on that gurney, in a shallow river bed. he had been missing for more than a month after going for a hike with his dog in june. the 28-year-old who is autistic managed to survive on frogs and roots. >> he was in tough shape. i don't think he had another 24 hours left in him. >> i'll be speaking with the pilot who rescued william live in less than 30 minutes. you will not want to miss this interview. it's really an incredible story. >>> a possible breakthrough in a cold case. for 30 years investigators have wondered about a girl known only as princess doe. so why do they have
can remain if you don't have it am sorry have texas. hundreds of people were turned away when a fire marshal clear the aisles and the doorways and the hallways in the elevators and stairways. we can't even begin to get into the science that was discussed there but the turnout surprise even the business. >>> when i used to be rock stars and we to know for us it's a huge deal does anybody else care about that resource? we didn't know whether we should have a better room and now we know. for anyone who would like to see the lecturer or anyone who was turned away it will be posted on the physics department website. from the weather center in the in a great video for you tonight as the sun was beginning to set you can see the marine layer cbs five whether camera drifting into the travelling that looks like from our camera this looks like our satellites clouds had made inland at least a good 60 mi. to next to the 2018 seoul take a while soon back away to the coast and then we will see sunshine that we did today. those clouds will cause damage i'd temperatures yesterday at 90 degrees and d
. >>> in houston, texas, people are dealing with the worst flooding in more than two years. rescue crews scrambled to save dozens of people from the flash floods including some kids at a baseball camp. much more straight ahead with poppy harlow. first, dr. sanjay gupta with a special report from cambodia. >>> hello. welcome. i'm reporting from cambodia. you know, i came here to investigate this medical mystery. and by way of background, this is the part of world that gave us sars, the deadly h5n1 bird flu. almost every deadly strain of bird flu over the years. we started hearing warnings that a deadly new disease, we paid attention. it all started with this dill general doctor noticing something unusual. young patients were coming into his hospital and dying very quickly. within 24 hours. he wrote a letter of warning describing a terrifying picture, a disease that he had never seen before that was nearly 100% lethal. we decided to go to the hospital. it is in the center of the city. >> with the majority have these cases under the age of 3, were seriously ill and many of them had died within 24 hou
to the test to,,,,, >> scientists at the university of texas are hoping that baby teeth can help them get to the root of autism. many experts believe it is triggered by a combination of genetic and environmental exposure. baby teeth act as a time line allowing researchers to see just about everything a child from a pesticide to medicine. autism affects one in 88 children. when it comes to sunglasses, the more expensive they are, the better for your eyes, right? we wanted to find out for selves and we put 18 pairs of sunglasses to the test. >> when the sun comes out, so do the shades, all kinds at all prices. >> a couple hundred dollars >> under $100 >> $5 >> sunglasses should protect your eyes from damaging uv light >> the lands within your eye ages faster when you have more uv exposure and that can lead to cataracts. >> can make cheap air do the trick? >> probably not >> cbs healthwatch collected 18 pairs of sunglasses that cost anywhere from 2-$200, all claiming to protect 100 percent. we put them in the hands of an optometrist at the merit more in height center at cal. using a speciali
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, and in michigan. in texas, and a few other places. >> what is it that you what lawmakers, policymakers, and their staff to see on capitol hill? >> first, the display for the consumer electronics adderall, -- at home, but we also have a wide range of products. including the products we have here today. we need to be able to generate new forms of energy. it once you generate it, of course, you've got to be able to store it intelligently and manage it. along with the traditional forms of power generation in the grid, more and more people are actually creating their own energy at home, typically, using wind power or more importantly, solar. in salem, ore., we make these giant, heavy refined form of the silica that get sliced into thin layers and then turn into the module that make up solar panels. panasonic is the -- is proud to be the company with the single most efficient energy pass through with solar panels, a little over 20%. over time, we hope to grow that, so more energy is actually collected and sent down the system into your home for storage. although we do not provide that with p
but they will be spotty and clustered so it won't bring the wide-spread relief where we need. >> southeast texas has gone from a record drought to a deluge as much as 15 inches this week alone. as one local put it swinging from hell to high water. nbc news, houston. >> the question we have been asked, are you paying with cash or credit. the answer to that question could have a whole new price tag. nbc's michelle fransen has the detail snooze we are used to it at the pump one price for cash and a higher one for plastic. that surcharge could be coming to other places. up to 3.75% to cover expenses. this week, visa mastercard and other banks agreed to a $7 billion settlement in a price fixing case brought by retailers. now that merchants have the green light to pass on surcharges to the customer. the big question is will they? experts say it is risky. the second they start charging the customers more. that is what is going to anger the customer. that is the last thing they are going to want to do especially coming off of the recession. customers still have the choice to pay by cash or debit card. >> you thi
. there is no evidence that voter id laws have suppressed black turnout in any election anywhere. >> in fact texas provides free voter election certificates if you need them. you don't even have to pay for them. >> they are scared. black voter registration is down from its 2008 levels. obama is not worried that blacks are going to vote for republicans. he is worried they will stay home. she trying to get them out to the polls. he is throwing out red meat like this to do it and it is a shame. >> let's note vice president biden as well. he went before the naacp and said can you imagine what a romney attorney general might be? can you imagine a rom nay head of the civil rights division might be considering all of those rights that you people hold dear? this is race baiting in 2012. it is amazing to think you will run for president on that basis right now. but they are doing it. >> doesn't seem to be paying a price for it politically so far. >> not so far, but as jason points out, i mean it is not something that people don't appreciate. they can see through it, and the thing is when barack obama ran i
who say this is the worse drought the state has seen in a decade. in texas they're having the opposite problem. >> it's kind of incredible. we've had about a week's worth of rain. just every day it's been rain, rain, of single morning. >> reporter: the rain refusing to let up around houston. the rising water is a growing concern for homeowners. >> i don't have flood insurance and i just bought the house, but so far we're okay even though down the street they're flooded. in. >> reporter: forecasters say the heavy rain which fell across the gulf coast and southeast will shift towards the tennessee and ohio valleys today and tomorrow. several inches of rain and flash flooding will be possible with the heaviest downpours. in new york anna coyman, fox news. >> shawn, we had that kind of heavy downpour here tuesday night when we had flash flooding in the bloomingdale avenue along rhode island avenue. what we will watch is that potential for the weekend. let me show you behind me this is a doppler estimation of how much rain has fallen. to give you some idea you're looking at the reaus ther
in graduate school in texas and showed it to professo w we enag also a graduate of commissioners. readt and really loved it and experience in iraq? >> it would not have happened with the at the experience that i had. not what happened to me overseas but the sort of emotional ce t bwameg i edgetre and communicate to people who didn't understand that experience. one of the most frequent questions i got asked. what was ilike over there. it ird to knwow todd t ihao wh to write the book. to how i contend with that question what is it like? >> host: y talked about the emotional core. what about the emotions you brought out in "the llow onon yoveobdo aou understand your job. you may not understand all the repercussions for the way it will affect you down the line and particularly at affect your fily home. d the hd ou sed and heard time to mature and get a little older, and not just yrers our families bachome. it is from marching cadence. aditnal mych elobih t ylow bill. anyone who has been in the army. >> host: why make this a novel raer than a fact based book? >> guest: aot opeal about the b
. a threjudgpaneis cidi texas vot i. w. tes haued the jtice depamentor bloingts new law that, like similar measures in indiana and georgia, would require government-issuedhoto i.d.s at the polls. opnentofhe l sayhey diropoionaly aect ack d hpani vots a vlate theandmk 15otingight act. >>> omar van honey has been covering the voter i.d. laws, thanks for join being us. >> tnks f hing. >>ake lk aourates arcle,t loo at e impts ofheoter.d.awsn the pridenal elecon. how big of assues ts for esidt oba's campaign >> they're taking it very seriously. on the campaign already subtly and overtly they're going and telling pplenheseeall in-bed gups at y taed out, ricaamerans, hispics t aloungoter dispportnate ated th, theed tn out, african-americans at even a better rate than they had in 2008, and ere'sonceshat ese vot i.dlawsn so swg stesould he a rl effe. >>e' tkingbout hany balegrndtate whe ts mighbe eecti? >> 's really a handful right now, but there's places like pennsylvania, for example, wch yo canvenuestn i 's a battgrou sta, mtolls sh iteani to obam ltle titer is tim arnd, b you lkt th nber in nnsyania th
unfortunately we're going the see heavy downpours around houston, texas and coast of louisiana where we're going to continue to see heavy rain forming during the afternoon and evening hours as we get some of the daytime heating. otherwise we're going to see a lot of heavy rain, further across utah. parts of arizona and nevada and southern california, an additional one to two inches of rainfall will be possible through tonight. we've seen a lot of moisture and ground is saturated with the heavy rains. there are a number of watches across these states in effect later on tonight. further north in idaho, western montana and eastern parts of oregon and washington, strong to severe storms and large hail and damaging wind gusts will be possible. we'll keep i posted and up to date here. further east across the center of the country, extreme heat. hundred degrees will be high in rapid city. that is where the temperatures re headed further to the east grandson the great lakes over the northeast in the next couple of days, by tuesday, it could be 93. >> i have one word -- yikes. >> gregg: well said. >> all
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